Wo Hui Mandarin’s web platform goes live!

Wo Hui Mandarin is the online course platform officially recognized by Chinese Testing International (CTI). We provide a choice of courses for learning Chinese with supporting tools and resources for both learners and teachers.  Our website and mobile apps make the platform easy to use, whatever your requirements or situation.

All courses on one website

Each year, more than 10 million people take HSK and YCT exams, which are run by CTI.  HSK is the global standard for assessing Chinese language proficiency, and YCT is a version of the tests adapted for young learners.

-Look out for more courses coming soon!-

We are the online platform to provide teachers and learners with CTI’s own HSK and YCT exam courses. In addition, we also provide an original 4-year curriculum that is based on Cambridge Assessment’s iGCSE exam syllabus, supplemented with high-frequency characters and additional vocabulary to enable students to navigate everyday scenarios in Chinese with confidence.

Smart learning with customized exercises

In order to work effectively with the distinct characteristics of Chinese, we split our courses into two pathways: one for spoken Chinese, focusing on the sounds of the language, the pronunciation of words and sentences, and listening and speaking skills; the other for written Chinese, focusing on the form of characters (components and strokes), snowballing them into words and sentences, and reading and writing skills.

All curriculum content is presented in a choice of three views, to provide teachers and learners with the resources they need on different occasions most efficiently.


On the “Pathway” tab are the new characters, words and sentences for the chosen section of any course arranged in micro-lessons, which you can be cover step-by-step by launching the Study Flow.

Click the “character” button, you can also see the learning package of characters with pictures, words and sentences.

02Section Content

The “Section Content” tab groups together the characters, words, sentences and texts that are introduced in all the micro-lessons of the chosen section.

Click the “print” button next to the list of characters to download a character tracing sheet for all the new characters in this section.

Click the “flashcard” button next to the lists of new characters and words, choose which ones to review and whether to work on audio/pinyin, meaning or characters. Your personalised flashcards are created automatically with one click!

Click the “find more” button next to the lists of words and sentences and discover any additional words and sentences you have “unlocked” with all the characters you have learned so far.

Click the “practice” button next to the lists of words and sentences and generate instantly a multiple-choice, true/false or pairs-matching exercise for your selected items. When you complete the exercise, the system will automatically score it for you and show you the correct answers.

In the list of texts, click the little “eye” button on the right to read or listen to the text, or to go through it line-by-line with the accompanying audio, Pinyin and English translation provided.

From characters to words to sentences to texts, our “snowballing” approach continually recycles what you have learned to not only rapidly grow your vocabulary, but also to reinforce it and allow you to put it to use.

Finally, there are two further tools in the right sidebar: global search and text analysis.

Global search

Type in a term to find summary information for it, including where it appears in words, sentences and texts on each pathway of the current course. With a click, learners can go directly to those micro-lessons. This tool is helpful for quickly searching for and reviewing vocabulary.

Text analysis

After each section, learners will be able to read more material than at the end of the previous section. To give learners autonomy and make them aware of how their language level is continually improving, we encourage you to find extra-curricular material. Type or paste it into the analysis tool and you will see the percentage of the text that is comprised of characters you have already learned. It will also generate audio for the text so you can hear it read out loud. Independent application is indispensable for consolidating what you have learned and this tool helps you to do that.

03Exercises and Resources

On this tab, in addition to being able to quickly launch the tracing sheets, flashcards and customizable exercises for the content in this section, learners also have access to exercises, uploaded files and shared links that teachers in the Wo Hui Mandarin community have created to help you to consolidate and integrate your new knowledge.

These teacher-made resources include a PPT for each section, which can be downloaded and presented offline.