1st official provider of HSK questions

To better meet the needs of testing Chinese language proficiency internationally, Chinese Testing International Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (CTI) and Wo Hui Pte Ltd, an independent subsidiary company of the Education in Motion Group (EiM, formerly Dulwich Education Group) have reached an agreement to build up the “HSK Chinese Proficiency Test” together.  An unveiling ceremony appointing Wo Hui Pte Ltd as a provider of official “HSK Examination Questions” was formally held at EiM’s headquarters in Shanghai on 27 October 2022.  This has established the world’s first official “HSK Proposition Base” in Shanghai.

The event was attended by Ms. Huang Lei, Director of Proposals and Administration of CTI, Mr. Liu Xiaolong, Director of Operations and Marketing of CTI, and Ms. Du Hongxia, Co-founder and CEO of “Wo Hui Mandarin”, as well as leaders from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tongji University, East China Normal University, Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and other universities, heads of international student admissions, and heads of HSK test centres and partner institutions in Shanghai.

The official HSK “Proposition Base” is dedicated to research and development of assessment methods; to proposing exam questions; to training up new talent for this work; to developing resources for teaching and exam preparation; to promoting the examinations; and, through a close working relationship between the base and the exam board, to the greater integration of testing and taught curriculum.

Huang Lei, Director of Proposals and Administration of CTI, said, “Wo Hui Mandarin” is a close partner of CTI, and both sides are cooperating extensively in the promotion of our examinations and in the development of resources to better integrate what is taught with those examinations. We believe that with the excellent teaching team and rich teaching experience of Shanghai Pudong Dulwich International School, along with the technical expertise and spirit of cooperation in “Wo Hui Mandarin “, this HSK “Proposition Base” will become a model base and play an important role in the Chinese proficiency test setting and related research internationally.

Ms. Du Hongxia, Co-founder and CEO of “Wo Hui Mandarin”, said that the establishment of her company as the world’s first official provider of HSK exam questions is an important milestone in the development of Wo Hui Mandarin, and thanked CTI for their appreciation and trust, as well as the universities in Shanghai for their support. She believes that over the coming years, “Wo Hui Mandarin” will, through this base, write a major new chapter in the on-going development of Chinese language proficiency assessment and the training of new talent .

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