「Wo Hui Mandarin」makes teaching easy!

Three major functions solve common teaching problems

Wo Hui Mandarin provides teachers with resources, systems for exercise assignment and “automatic correction” functions, which reduce the burden on teachers.

Teachers can check students’ learning progress and give feedback, allowing them to focus on teaching itself and improve their efficiency.

Wo Hui Mandarin web platform empowers the teacher

Teaching Resources Management

The web platform (app.wohuimandarin.com) provides teachers with ready-made resources, makes it easy to create new resources, and allows sharing of resources with students and other teachers. This frees them up to better interact with students.

Ready Made Resources

Our web platform supports multiple courses such as HSK, YCT and our Wo Hui Original Series. Teachers can view related resources in the “Exercises and Resources” part of each course section.

Resource creation

To add exercises and other resources: click the “+New” button, select “Exercises” (with the option to tag automatically or manually), or upload a file (e.g., PowerPoint, pdf document, audio file), or create a “Resource Link” (e.g., web page or web video).

Teachers set the title, define the language skills (listening, speaking, reading, or writing), and age bands for these three types of resources, making it easier for other teachers to find what they want.

All exercises and resources are automatically shared with all teachers (as well as writers, editors, and administrators) by default, content creators can elect to keep resources private (visible only to themselves and the people they choose to share with).

01 Create an exercise

02 Upload a file

03 Resource link


01 Assignment

Teachers can select one or more resources in the list and click “Send Assignments” in the lower right corner to assign them either to all students or selected students in the class. The teacher can assign a due date, description, and define the order of the resources set.

Then click the “Next” button, select the entire or a subset of students in the class, and click the “Send Assignment” button to complete.

02 View students’ learning and assignment submissions

After students complete and submit their assignments, teachers will receive a notification. Click the “Message” button to view the overall completion and scores of students’ exercises, keeping track of the learning process and the overall progress of students. Teachers can also access this via the “assignment” column in the menu bar.

Clicking further through, teachers can see the specific progress of each student, so that more targeted feedback can be provided. Students can communicate with the teacher in the communication column on the right side for support. The teacher can reply in real time while viewing the exercises.

To view the learning progress of each student in a certain period time,  click on the “community” column in the menu bar. Here teachers can view students’ performance for selected period time, including the number of assignments completed, average score and the accuracy rate of various exercise types.

Teachers can also view a line chart of each student’s grades to understand the student’s learning status.