「Wo Hui Mandarin」Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Wo Hui Mandarin is committed to providing high-quality online courses for Chinese language learners all over the world.

We are officially recognized by CTI (Chinese Testing International).

Only two simple steps required to access all our teaching resources via the web- and app-based platform.

Wo Hui Mandarin reduces workload and makes it easier to track student progress, so that teachers can focus on teaching.

Set up your Wo Hui Mandarin account

1.Send email to hello@wohuimandarin.com and receive a welcome message.

2.Click the link in your welcome email.

3.Set a password.

4.Login at wohuimandarin.com.


*If you already have an account, login directly via wohuimandarin.com.

*If you have any problems logging in, please send an email to support@wohuimandarin.com, and we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

*If you cannot find the link or it has expired, click ‘Forgot Password?’ on the login page to get a new one by email.

Start using our online platform

On the platform there are four main sections:

01 Courses

Each course is like a mountain for your students to climb.  There are two pathways up each mountain: one focused on Spoken Chinese and the other on Written.  The pathways are divided up into sections.

Pathway tab

Walk through each section step-by-step. “Start” launches the study flow.

Section Content tab

View and practise with your students the new content in this section.

Exercises & Resources tab

Choose from auto-generated and any teachermade resources, or add your own. Then select and assign them to your students.

* The Study flow is also available to your students in a mobile app which they can download and install from the https://app.wohuimandarin.com/mobile-app page on our platform.

02 Assignments

View exercises and resources you have assigned to your students and their responses.

03 Community

View and manage your classes, including the progress of each of your students.

04 Your avatar

Under your avatar in the top right corner you can access your Account details and edit your personal information, including your password.